February 8, 2014


I have about 150 pages to read tomorrow to catch up with my classes, but I'm not complaining. One, my time management skills involve including lots of unstructured time for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and selfies and cat snuggling and crying, so that means sometimes having a lot of work to do at once, but I can handle it. Two, the books I have to read tomorrow are so good, so I am more than happy to get down with them.

My Women's Studies class is all I dreamt it would be. I had the professor for Intro to Ethics last semester, and I love the way she structures her classes. I met with her during her office hours and discovered we have a lot of random things in common, least of which is a deep interest in ethics and feminism. It's so strange to be in a traditional classroom setting discussing issues that so far I've exclusively engaged in online and with Zero (who is as astounding and progressive and openminded and compassionate as ever). I love feeling everyone's energy and hearing different perspectives in person, especially in a community college setting that doesn't have the typical post-high school crowd. The older students- older than me (since I am also much older than some), like in their 40s and 50s- who have a kind of confidence speaking to their experience and an openminded approach to the class that is really beautiful to witness, consistently get me.

This one is for my Social Diversity class, and it is SUPERB. I wish every single person on the planet would read it. The class is all online, but the professor is very active and involved. Every week, we have a short, simple quiz on the readings, and then we have to answer a series of discussion questions in an essay, on the online forum for the class. The professor responds to each one individually and with care, and I kind of love her already. The class is all about understanding the social constructions that we take for granted, and it is what I am living for these days. Like, yes, please, let's try to understand where these injustices and social norms are coming from, let's study the history of them and the way they have been transformed over time and how they affect us all, and let's study the possibilities that exist outside the norm and open our minds and question everything and destroy our internalized prejudices and assumptions and instead empower the marginalized and explore our vulnerabilities and deeper strengths. We've covered sections on Race & Ethnicity, Social Class, Sex & Gender, and Sexuality, and every article just has me wanting to do a dance and sing from the mountaintops. Well, sometimes I also want to cry and rage and puke, because it is not fun to confront the terrible realities, but I am so excited people are writing and reading about these issues in such a real way. I feel more in touch with who I truly am than I ever have. A dancing, singing, crying, puking fighter.

My experience this semester is definitely serving to validate my intuition at the beginning of last semester. I have so many interests, and I'm sure I would have loved horticulture. I'm still interested in learning about plants and have plans to do so, but it makes more sense for that to be a hobby for me right now, because my passion is firmly placed in human rights and animal rights, and school is just fueling that passion. I'm so excited to be developing my knowledge so that I can be a better source for information, so I can advocate and educate with more confidence and skill. However my path develops after this semester, I know this is what I want to continue to pursue. I'm just so excited to think about what the future holds, all the ways I can help change the world for the better, even if those ways are small.


  1. They sound so interesting. I especially like the sound of your social diversity class. If you have any articles you could pass along that would be awesome! I am about to have 2 weeks of sitting at a desk with not a lot to do. So some good reading would be well received.
    I'm glad everything is going well and it's making you feel more passionate about your beliefs and where you stand. x